We are a family of communities that are working together to boldly set the standard for reinvention and imagination. Our rolling hills reflect the grit and glory of our ups and downs, where the soul of our collective communities has been curated, crafted, and cultivated by artists, philosophers, builders, inventors, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and Hollywood icons.

We are surrounded by fertile farms settled by proud pioneers, including American legend, Johnny Appleseed, who believed in the beauty and honesty found in working the land for the benefit of all.

They were followed by rugged industrialists, who built the nation’s trust by giving life to the pump industry, new forms of transportation, power generation, robotics, and innovations that changed our world.

The roads, highways, bike trails, and rivers that connect our cities and villages give way to a culture of dynamic residents with humbly hidden talents and trades that transform tenacity into triumph. Here, you will find space for people who want an abundant life.

We act upon the need for innovation, invention, and reinterpretation. We are outspoken and achievement-driven, dedicated, and hardworking, yet with a strong belief in the value of inner expression, quiet contemplation, and the soul-inspiring replenishment of the great outdoors.

Today, we are all creators, sharing a collective vision, deeply rooted in the success of our past.

Generation after generation, forging imagination, and prosperity.

We are building momentum, led by the dreamers of now.

We are a story in the making and yours to transform.