logo system & Usage

The primary logo type is the preferable logo to use in most cases. A full logo library has been created addressing the different color combinations and formats suitable for most situations and contexts. Please reference the formats guide provided with your library for best use guidelines. The logo can be used as full color, 1 color, or black and white as needed.

Acts such as Distortion, Typeface Substitution, Color Applications, and Insufficient Contrast are not allowed when using Richland County Branding.

Richland County Main Logo
Primary Logotype
Richland County Main Logo
Stamp Logotype
Dimensional Logotype

parent / child Structure

Parent Brand

While Richland County is the organizing operational umbrella that houses each community, “Mansfield” will act as the audience-facing parent brand, leveraging its existing equity to build awareness of additional offerings throughout the entire area. 

Sub Brand

Sub brands require less management and allow for streamlined expansion over time. This strategy can help create enthusiasm and buy-in across multiple communities by allowing their identities to be independent yet belong to a stronger whole. 

BrandRichland Family Tree

Our Logo Library

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Color Palette

Below are the color values for the Richland County, OH brand palette. Use Pantone (PMS) or CMYK for print and RGB or HEX values for screen display.

mansfield steel

PMS: 432
CMYK: 79, 64, 52, 44
RGB: 50, 62, 72
HEX: #30434d

Shawshank blue

PMS: 7714
CMYK: 100, 35, 46, 10
RGB: 0, 117, 128
HEX: #007684

ohio sunset

PMS: 7416
CMYK: 3, 73, 70, 0
RGB: 234, 104, 82
HEX: #ef5e49

Sunburst yellow

PMS: 123
CMYK: 0, 23, 91, 0
RGB: 255, 198, 41
HEX: #f5c922

plymouth porcelain

PMS: White
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
RGB: 255, 255, 255
HEX: #ffffff

Richland Raven

PMS: Process Black C
CMYK: 65, 66, 68, 82
RGB: 0, 0, 0
HEX: #000000


All photography for Richland County should be natural, and not posed. Each image should have similar tonality in order to give a consistant look and feel. Photos should be crisp and vibrant, yet realistic. 


Shopping is an act of communication and love for many. So posing and artificially staged photos are a non-starter. Show natural subjects in natural lighting. Transactional photography is engaging as well as browsing and sampling. Showing subjects sharing moments to strengthen familial bonds is the goal. 

Events / Festivals

Events and festivals have a more empathetic quality for the viewer when the subject is engaging or engaged on some level. Action and participation are key here. 
Whether they are participating actively or being entertained works better than taking pictures in front of it. The goal is to put the viewer as close to the event as possible. 


Following the general rules of photography (staging, lighting and composition) is important but like dining, there are two subjects: people and their space. Individuals need to be shown enjoying their space. It also needs to show and highlight the amenities of their lodging with attention to details and cleanliness. 
Subjects engaging with their space in some way helps viewers put themselves in that place much easier. Think of kids playing in a pool, game night or any other use of space that requires participation. 


Again, these should adhere to the general rules of photography: vivid but realistic and crisp colors. This type of photography works best when the subject(s) are enjoying and engaging with the unique activity. Something specific to Richland County is preferred.


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