Richland County

Space For Life.

Mansfield / Richland County is a home for makers. Doers. Dreamers. Growth-minded businesses. Future-focused families. Independent-minded people of all ages and backgrounds searching for a more leisurely pace of life, in a more supportive space to chase their biggest dreams.

Since our founding in 1808, we’ve been built by the people who call our communities home. Through ups and downs, thick and thin, our people’s big ambitions and steadfast resolve has defined and driven us. Now we’re honored to say we’re in the midst of a “Richland County Renaissance,” with a revival in our communities that is attracting professionals, businesses, and families from across the state, and far and wide.

What’s Our Message?

Whether you’re a local looking to come home, or a transplant wanting to establish a home…
Whether you’re starting a business, starting a family, or looking for a better place to grow both…
Whatever you dream to do, there’s space for you to“Make It In Mansfield.”

Why Richland County?


  • Located one hour from Cleveland and Columbus.
  • Accessible by four interstate highways – I-71, I-75, I-76, and I-77
  • Located within 500 miles of 42 major cities, we’re a logistical stronghold in the U.S.

Quality of Life

  • Cost-of-living index is 77.7, below the state average of 82.6.
  • Median home cost is $130,000, below the state average of $190,000.
  • Home to cultural events, state parks, arts, motorsport tracks, tourist attractions, and more.

Industry Sectors

  • For more than a century, we’ve been a center for industrial production and technical innovation.
  • We’re well established in advanced manufacturing, healthcare and social services, government, fluid movement, plastic component production, and logistics.
  • We have exciting new opportunities in hydrogen fuel cells, and a strategic location for the Air National Guard’s Cyberspace Wing at Mansfield Lahm Airport.

Community, Education, and Workforce Development

  • Providing skills-based training for in-demand professions.
  • Education and business partnerships to provide apprenticeships, internships, and employer-outreach opportunities.

A few Spots we’re famous for

Ohio State Reformatory

The world-famous prison was listed on Travel Channel’s “101 Thing To Do Before You Die” for its history, documented paranormal activity, and being the filming site for multiple movies, including The Shawshank Redemption.

Mid-ohio sports car course

Known as one of the finest road courses in North America, Mid-Ohio is home to IndyCars, NASCAR Xfinity, vintage motorcycles, and a driving school.

Richland Carrousel Park

The first hand-carved, wooden carousel built and operated in the US since the 1930 features 52 beautiful animals circling an operational Stinson Band Organ, for a whimsical ride back to childhood.

Kingwood Center gardens

The sensational estate of a former business tycoon boasts 47 awe-inspiring acres of gardens and ponds, plus a café and even a collection of showy peacocks. Truly one of Ohio’s most Instagram-worthy spots.

Richland County

Countless opportunities for foodies, outdoor adventurers, craft beer lovers, thrill seekers, and so much more!

help tell our story

We’re proud to call Mansfield / Richland County “home” and are excited by its incredible potential. Please help us tell this story, and encourage new generations to “Make It In Mansfield!”

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